and this time i’m talking about the weather AND the A’s offense. 🙂

today’s 9-5 win over the tigers
was one of the best wins of the season! not only did the A’s beat the best team in baseball, they came back from a 5-0 deficit after the first inning! it was great seeing the team pick up joe blanton in the second inning after blanton gave up those five runs in the first inning.

i’m so glad placido polanco is not in the AL west! he has absolutely OWNED the A’s the last few years! same goes for kenny rogers! i’m glad he’s not with texas anymore!

tomorrow’s rubber match game will be esteban loaiza vs. nate robertson. i don’t have much confidence in loiaza but whether the A’s win or lose tomorrow, it will still have been a VERY successful road trip!

can’t wait to see the boys back in oakland on monday!!



and unfortunately, i’m not talking about the A’s offense. it’s 84 degrees where i’m living at midnight (in the bay area). this is unbearable! i am a true bay area girl and anything over 80 degrees is way too hot!

the A’s lost to the tigers 7-4 today
. nothing else much to say about that except dan haren and the A’s offense were not impressive and justin verlander and the tigers’ were. poor danny. he hasn’t gotten a win in about 6 weeks! and no, it hasn’t been because he pitched terribly (although today’s outing wasn’t good). he has been a victim of the no-run-support thing.

we’ll get ’em tomorrow! go kentucky joe! 🙂

i was really shocked to  read this article about milton bradley by the A’s beat writer, mychael urban.

One of Beane’s problem players is Milton Bradley, and he’s becoming a
bigger problem by the day. And if the problem isn’t nipped in the bud,
the A’s won’t be in first place much longer.

i usually enjoy urban’s articles because he seems to get the inside scoop about the team and being the A’s beat writer, he usually doesn’t write extremely negative articles like this one. did he write this article because this is for the san francisco examiner and not for or did milton do something to **** him off?

i know milton hasn’t been too open with the A’s beat writers because he’s been burned by the media in the past and who can blame him? sure, he’s made tons of mistakes in the past on and off the field but everytime he gets interviewed, that’s all the reporters ask him about … things that happened in the past.

i, for one, am really happy that milton joined the A’s. yes, he’s a ticking time bomb but he plays with so much fire and passion, something that the A’s are lacking and something i love seeing. he just needs to stay healthy!!

milton has been GREAT since coming off the disabled list! i don’t know about anybody else but i will be cheering loudly for him on monday when he comes home to oakland!!

why am i not surprised?

SHEA WHAT? One player the Yanks don’t figure to get, though they’d love to have, is Shea Hillenbrand, the Toronto DH who was designated for assignment Wednesday night after criticizing the organization. The Bombers have always liked Hillenbrand, who used to play for Boston, but Oakland, Anaheim and San Diego are believed to be the front-runners.

a lot of people think that the A’s and the whole "moneyball" idea is about getting players that walk a lot and have high on-base percentage. that’s not what the whole "moneyball" idea is about. the A’s philosophy is about going after players that are undervalued. a few years ago, other teams weren’t really looking for players that had a high OBP so those were the kinds of players the A’s targeted.

this year it seems like the A’s have targeted players that problems on or off the field in the past because other teams are afraid to give them the chance (i.e. jose guillen, jay payton, milton bradley, scott sauerbeck, etc.) … which leads me to the title of this entry "why am i not surprised?" when i read about the A’s being potential suiters for hillenbrand.

do we REALLY need another player complaining about not being in the lineup? although the A’s WOULD benefit from hillenbrand’s .301 average … if it stays  that high in oakland. something happens when a player comes to oakland. it seems like they forget how to hit! =(

A’s vs. detroit tonight! GOOOOOO A’s!!!

first place for at least another day!

i kinda like these 9am games! it sure made my morning at work go by quickly! i’m not sure how productive i was though.

the A’s beat mr. anna benson and the Orioles 5-1 thanks to zito pitching beautifully and a couple of homeruns by bradley, chavez and the big hurt! it’s great seeing (er, hearing since i listened to the game on the radio) chavvy hit a homerun! hope this means he’s feeling okay.

hope bradley is okay too! he got injured rounding first base but he ended up staying in for rest of the game. is this guy the most injury-prone player ever?

kielty was taken out of the game though. i’m not sure why. i’m getting sick of all these injuries!

kotsay played at first base for the first time as an Athletic. let’s hope this experiment is over because he made TWO errors there. i like kots in center. 🙂

i think it’s time to bring dan johnson back! he went 4-7 with a homer and walk in a doubleheader for the rivercats tomorrow! i’m pretty sure the A’s will bring DJ back when he’s eligible to come back since swisher’s not feeling to good lately.

tomorrow’s an off day for the A’s and then they’re off to detroit to play the tigers! if they can take 2 out of 3 from them, it will be a great homecoming on monday!

GO A’s!

p.s. i miss bill king. =( R.I.P.

hooray for rain delays!

the A’s beat the Orioles 5-4 (yet ANOTHER 1-run game for them) thanks to the hour-and-a-half rain delay!

loaiza gave up three runs on five hits in the first two innings but when he went back on the mound after the rain delay, he gave up three hits and no runs over the next 3+ innings. maybe we need to pray to the rain gods everytime it’s loaiza’s day to pitch?

Ellis credit also goes to crosby and ellis who hit back-to-back homeruns to tie up the game! it was crosby’s first homerun in like, 8 years (okay, more like 137 at-bats) and ellis’ homerun made him the homerun leader for a player born in south dakota! haha! congrats, ellie!!

"I’m disappointed they didn’t stop the game, give me a plaque or something,” Ellis joked. "I got messages from a couple of people, so they must have said something on TV. If you’re from there, it’s neat.

there was a SCARYYYY moment when kotsay got hit on his ear flap during the game! my heart skipped a beat when i saw that! thank GOD he’s okay!

and in other news …

swisher might be getting a contract extension soon! YAAAAAY!!!!! =D

Although nothing is imminent, the A’s are working on a long-term extension for first baseman/outfielder Nick Swisher, and the total might end up being more than some of the other long-term deals young Oakland players have received.

Shortstop Bobby Crosby signed a five-year, $12.75 million deal last year, and Rich Harden got a four-year, $9 million deal (with a $7 million option). Swisher might benefit from the six-year, $23.45 million deal Grady Sizemore signed with the Indians this spring, a contract that could push Swisher’s price past $13 million-$14 million for five years.

i ❤ swisher!

today’s game is nice and early (9am PST) and WHAT?!!! KOTSAY IS PLAYING FIRST BASE?!?!?!

windsor’s major league debut

jason windsor’s major debut went … okay. he gave up too many walks and he made a huge throwing error to first but he only gave up three runs. i’m sure he was extremely nervous and excited about his first start in the big league. he left the game with the teams tied at 3-3 but unfortunately, the A’s couldn’t score more runs and the A’s bullpen gave up more runs which resulted in the A’s losing 5-3 to the orioles. it was frustrating because the O’s pitcher, adam loewen, was just as wild giving up tons of walks but the A’s couldn’t get the big hits!


i miss miggy and rrrrramon!

it was nice to see chavvy back in the lineup … but i still think they should have put him on the disabled list a long time ago! he needs to give those tendinitis-filled forearms a lot of rest! we need him to be healthy at the end of the season!

the A’s have been pretty frustrating to watch this season because they have been SO inconsistent! teams that we think they’ll do well against, they don’t do well against (swept by the diamondbacks; lost 2 out of 3 from the royals) and teams we think they’re going to struggle against, they do pretty well against (swept the yankees; took 3 of 4 from boston). then they go on that 10-game win streak and then get swept in the next series.

the inconsistency worries me because if the A’s do make it to the postseason, they can’t afford to be inconsistent in those short series!

with the july 31st trading deadline, let’s see if they will be getting any help. billy beane said that they’re not looking for anybody but with billy, you just never know!

kotsay named AL player of the week!


Kotsay Oakland Athletics outfielder Mark Kotsay has been named Bank of America Presents the American League Players of the Week for the period ending July 16th. Bank of America, the Official Bank of Major League Baseball, is the presenting sponsor of the American League and National League Player of the Week Awards, which reflect Bank of America’s long-standing tradition of promoting and recognizing higher standards of accomplishment.

Kotsay batted .556 (10-18) with a .772 slugging percentage, three doubles, five RBI and 13 total bases during Oakland’s four-game set at Fenway Park following the All-Star break. In Friday’s game, Mark went 3-for-5 with two runs scored, two RBI and a stolen base. On Sunday, Kotsay went 4-for-5 with a run scored and three RBI. Kotsay, the winner of the 1996 Golden Spikes Award as the nation’s top amateur player after leading Cal State-Fullerton to the College World Series Championship, is currently batting .263 with six home runs and 35 RBI on the season. This is the first weekly award for Kotsay, who has been a Major Leaguer since 1997, and it is the first by an Oakland player this year.

CONGRATS, KOTS!! nice way to break out of that 1-30something slump, huh? =D