windsor’s major league debut

jason windsor’s major debut went … okay. he gave up too many walks and he made a huge throwing error to first but he only gave up three runs. i’m sure he was extremely nervous and excited about his first start in the big league. he left the game with the teams tied at 3-3 but unfortunately, the A’s couldn’t score more runs and the A’s bullpen gave up more runs which resulted in the A’s losing 5-3 to the orioles. it was frustrating because the O’s pitcher, adam loewen, was just as wild giving up tons of walks but the A’s couldn’t get the big hits!


i miss miggy and rrrrramon!

it was nice to see chavvy back in the lineup … but i still think they should have put him on the disabled list a long time ago! he needs to give those tendinitis-filled forearms a lot of rest! we need him to be healthy at the end of the season!

the A’s have been pretty frustrating to watch this season because they have been SO inconsistent! teams that we think they’ll do well against, they don’t do well against (swept by the diamondbacks; lost 2 out of 3 from the royals) and teams we think they’re going to struggle against, they do pretty well against (swept the yankees; took 3 of 4 from boston). then they go on that 10-game win streak and then get swept in the next series.

the inconsistency worries me because if the A’s do make it to the postseason, they can’t afford to be inconsistent in those short series!

with the july 31st trading deadline, let’s see if they will be getting any help. billy beane said that they’re not looking for anybody but with billy, you just never know!


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    Inconsistency is worry some, but we keep watching and listening. Plus, the Angels are really hot right now, but the A’S still have the longest winning streak in the division at the moment.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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