first place for at least another day!

i kinda like these 9am games! it sure made my morning at work go by quickly! i’m not sure how productive i was though.

the A’s beat mr. anna benson and the Orioles 5-1 thanks to zito pitching beautifully and a couple of homeruns by bradley, chavez and the big hurt! it’s great seeing (er, hearing since i listened to the game on the radio) chavvy hit a homerun! hope this means he’s feeling okay.

hope bradley is okay too! he got injured rounding first base but he ended up staying in for rest of the game. is this guy the most injury-prone player ever?

kielty was taken out of the game though. i’m not sure why. i’m getting sick of all these injuries!

kotsay played at first base for the first time as an Athletic. let’s hope this experiment is over because he made TWO errors there. i like kots in center. 🙂

i think it’s time to bring dan johnson back! he went 4-7 with a homer and walk in a doubleheader for the rivercats tomorrow! i’m pretty sure the A’s will bring DJ back when he’s eligible to come back since swisher’s not feeling to good lately.

tomorrow’s an off day for the A’s and then they’re off to detroit to play the tigers! if they can take 2 out of 3 from them, it will be a great homecoming on monday!

GO A’s!

p.s. i miss bill king. =( R.I.P.




    Kotsay told Macha, he wanted play First so Swish could have the day off. Well, Swish got in the game, but half a day and trip day is good to keep Nick fresh.Also, Kots did play First in Florida back in the day. Yeah, DJ has been ripping up in Sacto lately so he could comeback.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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