why am i not surprised?

SHEA WHAT? One player the Yanks don’t figure to get, though they’d love to have, is Shea Hillenbrand, the Toronto DH who was designated for assignment Wednesday night after criticizing the organization. The Bombers have always liked Hillenbrand, who used to play for Boston, but Oakland, Anaheim and San Diego are believed to be the front-runners.

a lot of people think that the A’s and the whole "moneyball" idea is about getting players that walk a lot and have high on-base percentage. that’s not what the whole "moneyball" idea is about. the A’s philosophy is about going after players that are undervalued. a few years ago, other teams weren’t really looking for players that had a high OBP so those were the kinds of players the A’s targeted.

this year it seems like the A’s have targeted players that problems on or off the field in the past because other teams are afraid to give them the chance (i.e. jose guillen, jay payton, milton bradley, scott sauerbeck, etc.) … which leads me to the title of this entry "why am i not surprised?" when i read about the A’s being potential suiters for hillenbrand.

do we REALLY need another player complaining about not being in the lineup? although the A’s WOULD benefit from hillenbrand’s .301 average … if it stays  that high in oakland. something happens when a player comes to oakland. it seems like they forget how to hit! =(

A’s vs. detroit tonight! GOOOOOO A’s!!!


One comment

  1. pachyderm42003@yahoo.com

    According to the news today, Hillenbrand has sign with the Halloween team across the Bay, SF Giants. Let’s see what Billy Beane has under his sleeve this season.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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