and unfortunately, i’m not talking about the A’s offense. it’s 84 degrees where i’m living at midnight (in the bay area). this is unbearable! i am a true bay area girl and anything over 80 degrees is way too hot!

the A’s lost to the tigers 7-4 today
. nothing else much to say about that except dan haren and the A’s offense were not impressive and justin verlander and the tigers’ were. poor danny. he hasn’t gotten a win in about 6 weeks! and no, it hasn’t been because he pitched terribly (although today’s outing wasn’t good). he has been a victim of the no-run-support thing.

we’ll get ’em tomorrow! go kentucky joe! 🙂

i was really shocked to  read this article about milton bradley by the A’s beat writer, mychael urban.

One of Beane’s problem players is Milton Bradley, and he’s becoming a
bigger problem by the day. And if the problem isn’t nipped in the bud,
the A’s won’t be in first place much longer.

i usually enjoy urban’s articles because he seems to get the inside scoop about the team and being the A’s beat writer, he usually doesn’t write extremely negative articles like this one. did he write this article because this is for the san francisco examiner and not for or did milton do something to **** him off?

i know milton hasn’t been too open with the A’s beat writers because he’s been burned by the media in the past and who can blame him? sure, he’s made tons of mistakes in the past on and off the field but everytime he gets interviewed, that’s all the reporters ask him about … things that happened in the past.

i, for one, am really happy that milton joined the A’s. yes, he’s a ticking time bomb but he plays with so much fire and passion, something that the A’s are lacking and something i love seeing. he just needs to stay healthy!!

milton has been GREAT since coming off the disabled list! i don’t know about anybody else but i will be cheering loudly for him on monday when he comes home to oakland!!


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