A’s take 3 out of 4 from the red sox!

hooray! what a perfect way to start off the second half of the season! the A’s have not won a series in boston since 2003!Compose Post

the A’s beat the red sox 8-1 today! kentucky joe pitched a great game. the only mistake he made was the homerun to alex gonzalez but it was a solo so oh well.

i missed most of yesterday’s game because i was at a wedding but it didn’t seem like i missed much anyway. the A’s were shutout by curt schilling and the team was upset because they thought swisher was intentionally hit.

but who cares about yesterday because the A’s won today! 🙂

beautiful defensive plays all around the field by the A’s. i love web gems!

bobby crosby, you should never, ever NOT wear high socks again!!! (he had to wear high tops today because of a blister and high socks would not look right with high tops on.)

frank thomas left the game with some dizziness and a racing pulse. hopefully he’s okay because the last thing we need is for him to go down again. (update: the racing pulse might have been from a couple of shots of espresso big frank took before the game. NOTE TO BIG FRANK: NO MORE ESPRESSO SHOTS BEFORE A GAME PLEASE!!)

eric chavez did not play again and the disabled list is still a possibility. i’d honestly rather have him go on the DL right now because the team needs to be healthy at the end of the season!

i’m so excited about jason windsor’s debut against the orioles tomorrow! GO JASON! GO A’s!


welcome back, milton bradley!

wow, talk about a great first game back from the disabled list! bradley had a 4-5 night, scored three runs and drove in three to help the A’s beat the red sox 15-3. YES, that is correct. the A’s scored FIFTEEN runs in ONE game! for a while there, they didn’t score 15 runs in one week!

i love the 2nd half A’s! =D

great job by zito tonight. i’m glad he finally got some run support.

great defense by the A’s as usual.

and great job offensively up and down the lineup especially bradley and mark ellis!

kirk saarloos was originally scheduled to pitch on monday vs. the orioles but he pitched out of the bullpen yesterday AND today which leads to speculation that the A’s top pitching prospect, jason windsor (8-0 with a 3.92 ERA at triple-A), will be coming up to take his spot on monday! HOW EXCITING!! =D

let’s get another win tomorrow so we will be guaranteed a series win! it would be a GREAT way to start off the second half!


even though you’re no longer an Athletic, you will always have a special place in my heart! i wish you the best in atlanta and i hope you turn things around and start pitching like everybody knows you can! happy birthday, huddy!


hot stove rumor!

from ken rosenthal’s article:

The Yankees and Tigers are among the teams pursuing Soriano, and the Giants and A’s also are possible suitors. The Angels, the team that is perhaps the most logical fit for Soriano, are not believed to be among the leading contenders.

WHAAAAT? A’s might be after sori?? well, that’s good. then he can’t break up harden’s perfect game again!

but IF they were going after sori, i can’t imagine who they would have to give up! the A’s minor league system’s pretty depleted right now and we have a bunch of infielders already. i’m not a fan of soriano’s defense but man, he would look great in the middle of the lineup with chavez and the big hurt!


A’s beat the red sox 5-4 in 11 innings thanks to bobby kielty’s RBI single and his steal that helped him score on frank thomas’ single for the winning run!

FYI: this was kielty’s first steal since july 5, 2005. haha. and thank GOD for that extra run he scored because we needed it!

great pitching by the A’s bullpen! great way to start off the second half! let’s keep the momentum going, fellas!!

this was a strange play and an even stranger picture!

chad gaudin, jason kendall and nick swisher all going for the same ball. gaudin ended up catching but not before knocking swisher to the ground!

poor DJ!

milton bradley is coming back tomorrow and that means somebody on the team will be sent down to the minor league and that unlucky person is dan johnson! he REALLY struggled for the first two months of the season but he started to heat up the last few weeks.

but i DO prefer swisher at first base over dj.

update: from susan slusser’s sf chronicle article

To make room for him, the A’s demoted first baseman Dan
Johnson after the game, but he could be back soon. According to a team
source, the team might be looking to move outfielder Jay Payton, who
was acquired by Oakland in a trade with the Red Sox exactly one year
ago Thursday.

aaah, it’s officially hot stove time for the A’s!